When you travel with Reef Seekers, all you need to do is get yourself to LAX (well, after you've paid us for the trip of course). Then turn off your brain (within reason) 
because we'll take it from there. All of our trips are escorted by Reef Seekers owner Ken Kurtis so you don't have to deal with the minutia and hassles of putting together 
a vacation. (The idea is for you to relax.) Generally, the prices you see quoted include diving, accommodations, meals (all-inclusive for a boat and it varies depending on 
where we are for land-based trips), airport transfers, and crew tip/gratuity. Airfare is generally NOT included in the quoted prices. We would prefer that you arrange that
on your own, but we will give you the preferred flight itinerary for a given trip. Prices quoted are cash or check. Credit cards are okay but will be billed at a 4.0% higher rate.
To get more details on a specific trip, either e-mail  Ken or call him at 310/652-4990.
120 days or more prior to departure: Forfeit initial $500 deposit.
        90-119 days prior: Pay 50% of the entire published trip price.
        60-89 days prior: Pay 75% of the entire published trip price.
        59 days or less: Pay 100% of the entire published trip price.

 2019 TRIPS (scroll down for details - prices are cash/check and don't include airfare)  

Maldives - October 12-28 (SOLD OUT!!!)
        Sea of Cortez (Cabo Pulmo) - December 4-10 (SOLDOUT AGAIN!!!)
        WHERE TO IN 2020?????

        SCUBA CUBA??? - Our thoughts on why this isn't practical for us in 2019
  EASTER ISLAND -January 5-13 (TRIP COMPLETED)                                                                          

  YAP IMMERSION - March 11-24 (TRIP COMPLETED)                                                                       




  INDONESIA -  July 6-17 (WE'RE BACK!!!)                                                                                          

  MALDIVES - OCTOBER 12-28 (SOLD OUT!!!)                                                                                    

In simple terms, the Maldives is one of the fishiest places we've ever been diving. The reefs are really healthy and thriving and, because it's the Indian Ocean, there are likely numerous species of fish that you've never seen before. We last visited in 2016 and it's high time we went back.

And one change we're making this time (this will be our 4th time visiting - and we'll again be diving from the mighty Manthiri) is that instead of exploring the southern atolls, we'll be heading north to the area of Baa Atoll and surroundings. One reason for this is that, at this time of the year, hundreds and hundreds of manta rays gather in this area to feed on plankton and to mate. And we're hoping to get a glimpse of that.

But even without that, our erstwhile dive guide Moosa Hassan tells us that these reefs are sometimes even more interesting than the southern ones. So we'll hope to get in great diving, new locations, and see some spectacular sites.

We're not sure of our specific routing yet (good chance we'll go through Singapore) but we'll overnight in Male on the way in and then have nine days on the Manthiri. When we get off the boat, we'll go straight to the airport for our flight out and will likely offer an additional 2-3 days land-based in whatever gateway city (Singapore, Dubai, even Moscow) that we fly through.

The Manthiri only hold 12 divers and many of the people who went with us in 2016 are coming again so space is filling quickly. If this is on your bucket list - and it should be - make sure to get your deposit in to lock down your spot.



  SEA OF CORTEZ (CABO PULMO) - DECEMBER 4-10 (SOLD OUT AGAIN!!!)                                        

For 26 years, we ran trips out of La Paz exploring the Sea of Cortez on the wonderful Don Jose. Sadly, those trips ended for us after 2012, and we haven't gone back because there hasn't been a liveaboard plying those waters. Until now.

We are delighted to share with you that there will be a new boat down there called the Nautilus Gallant Lady, run by our good friends at Nautilus Explorer. The boat's larger than the Don Jose (the Lady is 116'x22') and takes fewer people (12 vs. 16) so we get the best of both worlds: bigger boat and less people.

We'll also be exploring new territory but still within the Sea of Cortez. Our old itinerary took us north of La Paz to places like Los Islotes, Las Animas, and El Bajo. But our new ship will be based south of Las Paz, halfway down to Cabo, and will explore the waters of the world's most successful marine protected area (and a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Cabo Pulmo.

This is a magnificent reef that routinely attracts Hammerhead Sharks, Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, huge shoals of fish, and everything else you'd expect to find in a thriving eco-system. There will be plenty of new places and sites to explore and we'll have 4.5 dive days to do so, generally doing 4 dives each day (2 dives on the half day). We dive out of pangas, using the Lady as a mothership, so we'll have maximum flexibility and maneuverability.

Because we can only take 12 people (really 11 since Ken Kurtis will lead each trip and counts as one of the 12), we expect this will fill quickly but we're also open to the idea of doing back-to-back trips and staying down there to dive with a second group of 12. But the point is, get your $500 deposit in now to guarantee your spot and then we'll work out the rest of the details.

It's going to be great to return to the Sea of Cortez, one of our most popular trips over the years, and we look forward to having you with us (again).

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