When you travel with Reef Seekers, all you need to do is get yourself to LAX (well, after you've paid us for the trip of course). Then turn off your brain (within reason) 
because we'll take it from there. All of our trips are escorted by Reef Seekers owner Ken Kurtis so you don't have to deal with the minutia and hassles of putting together 
a vacation. (The idea is for you to relax.) Generally, the prices you see quoted include diving, accommodations, meals (all-inclusive for a boat and it varies depending on 
where we are for land-based trips), airport transfers, and crew tip/gratuity. Airfare is generally NOT included in the quoted prices. We would prefer that you arrange that
on your own, but we will give you the preferred flight itinerary for a given trip. Prices quoted are cash or check. Credit cards are okay but will be billed at a 3.5% higher rate.
To get more details on a specific trip, either e-mail  Ken or call him at 310/652-4990.
120 days or more prior to departure: Forfeit initial $500 deposit.
   90-119 days prior: Pay 50% of the entire published trip price.
   60-89 days prior: Pay 75% of the entire published trip price.
   59 days or less: Pay 100% of the entire published trip price.

2016 TRIPS (scroll down for details - prices do not include airfare)  

• March 11-19 - Yap (can be combined with Palau)
        • March 20-27 - Palau on the Palau Aggressor II (can be combined with Yap - only ONE spot left)
        • Late May or early June - Bonaire or Cayman
        • July 9-21 - Indonesia
        • August 1-6 - Guadalupe Island and Great White Sharks
        • August 13-20 - Isla Mujeres and Whale Sharks #1
        • August 20-27 - Isla Mujeres and Whale Sharks #2
        • November 3-16 - Maldives (only 7 spots remaining)
  YAP (Manta Ray Bay Resort) - March 11-19, 2016 ($2,495)  

Yap feels like a second home to us at Reef Seekers. We simply love going there and love diving with our good friends at Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers. Yap is simply a marvelous place to be and it's definitely doesn't feel like home, but in a good way.

Yap is most famous for its resident Manta Rays and we'll be getting up-close-and-personal with them. Mostly this will come through multiple visits to the cleaning station at Stammtisch, where you'll be in 20 feet of water as multiple mantas (we've had as many as seven at one time) glide only inches away from your head. It's pretty amazing when a animal that big is willing to come that close.

We'll also have a chance to observe the nightly mating antics of the little Mandarinfish. Although they're elusive during the daytime, each evening at dusk, they come out and romp for about an hour in a ritualized mating frenzy that's always interesting to observe and photograph.

And we'll also have a shot at some high-intensity shark action during the weekly shark feed. You can get pretty much as close as you want to the bait as upwards of 50 or more reef sharks hit it over the course of the 40-minute dive. Afterwards, search the ground for shark's teeth that have fallen out during the tussle.

Yap is always a fun destination and this can be done on its own or combined with the Palau trip below.


  PALAU (Palau Aggressor II) - March 20-27, 2016 ($3,295 - $3,495)  

We had a great time in Palau last year, so let's go back again!!! Palau is a destination that's got something for everyone: reefs, wrecks, currents, lagoons, and more.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to be on a gorgeous and very well laid out dive boat. The PA2 gives us a lot of flexibility to explore sites out of the range of the day boats as well as some dive sites that are off the beaten path like the Buoy 6 wreck and Wonder Channel. Plus we'll hit the "usual" spots like Blue Hole, Big drop, Ulong Channel, and the legendary Blue Corner (which we usually visit multiple times). If weather permits, we'll also try to get across to Pelilu, home to not only some great diving but also a major battleground in the pacific during WW2.

And no trip to Palau would be complete without a visit to Jellyfish lake, where millions of sting-less jellyfish spend the day following the sun and you get a chance to see what it's like to snorkel in Jell-O. It's truly a unique experience that that produces an awful lot of giggles and laughs during the hour we spend there.

We only have limited spots on the boat. This trip can be done on its own or combined with our Yap trip above.


  INDONESIA (Murex in Manado) - July 9-21, 2016 (APPROX. $2,700)  

We love Indonesia about as much as we love Bonaire. And if there's enough interest, we'll go back again in 2016. It takes a while longer to get there, but it's absolutely worth it. (And you'll learn the whole story behind "Opa Gila".)

One great thing about this trip is that we're able to combine the best of what the region has to offer: fabulous reefs and clear water with 100-foot visibility, along with muck diving that may have less viz, but has some of the most unusual creatures you'll ever encounter on a dive. We will definitely plan a single-day excursion to the legendary Lembeh Straits where you may be able to check off dozens of creatures that are on you're I-wanna-see list,. like Rhinopias, Blue-Ring Octopi, and Pygmy Seahorses.

The reefs of Bunaken Marine Park are simply spectacular with vertical walls, pristine corals, a resident HUUUGE turtle at one site, and plenty of good stuff to see. And if we ever got phenomenally lucky, one of these days a Coelacanth will rise from the depths of Manado Tua.

There are eight full days of 3-tank diving plus there's still plenty of time to relax. And on the way back, we can arrange to stop over for three days in Singapore and explore that fabulous city. (Or you can head back to LA with just a single-night layover.) We generally max this trip our at 12 divers so don't get left behind. Give us a call to sing up or at least get on the "interested" list.


  GUADALUPE ISLAND (Great White Sharks) - August 1-6, 2016 ($3,595)  

A trip so good, we went TWICE in 2015 . . .

Reef Seekers has again booked a fabulous trip to the very unique location of Guadalupe Island (in the Pacific 200 miles SW of Ensenada) to go observe the Great White Sharks that congregate there each year. Once again, we'll be on the the Nautilus Belle Amie which is large and roomy and wonderful and perfectly suited for this trip. There are five cages in the water, one at the surface, one slightly submerged off the stern of the boat, and three that are submerged about 30 feet down to give you a really great view of these magnificent fish in their natural habitat.
We'll start each of these trips by meeting in San Diego at 7PM on the first evening. Then we'll board a motor coach and be driven down to Ensenada (about another two hours) where we'll board the boat and depart on the 20-hour trip to Guadalupe. So the following day is one at sea all day. Plenty of time to understand the protocols, hook up cameras, and get excited for what’s to come. The morning of the 3rd day, the diving begins around 7AM and continues until at least 5PM. Same thing the fourth and fifth day and at the end of that day, we begin the trip home, arriving mid-afternoon on the 6th day. The motor coach will take us north across the border back to San Diego and then it’s back home.
These are not inexpensive trips. We've reserved Deluxe Staterooms (lower deck at the waterline) but we can upgrade you to a Superior Stateroom (slightly more room and on the second deck) if you like. The Deluxe rooms are $3,595/diver and the Superiors are $4,195/diver which incudes tax, tip, and port fees. But the bottom line is that this is quite an adventure that you'll remember for the rest of your life.



  ISLA MUJERES, MEXICO #1 (Whale Sharks) - August 13-20, 2016 (postponed from 2015)  
        . . . or . . .                                                                                                              
  ISLA MUJERES, MEXICO #2 (Whale Sharks) - August 20-27, 2016 (postponed from 2015)  

Can lightning strike three times? We had such a great time in 2013 & 2014 that we're going to do it again in 2016 . . . TWICE!!!

Just about ever diver dreams of someday swimming with a Whale Shark. How about swimming with five or six of them at the same time. How about five or six at the same time in an area where there can be literally HUNDREDS feeding at the surface. (And we'll even throw in the occasional Manta Ray for good measure.)

That's what you can get during the annual congregation of Whale Sharks that occurs just off of Isla Mujeres, a small island 10 miles off of Cancun. We'll do three days of snorkeling with these gentle giants plus two scuba days and one day scuba diving the famed cenotes (caves/caverns) near Tulum.

Trip includes: 3 days of whale sharks (M/W/F - we'll have two boats), 1 day cenotes diving (Tues - includes ferry and transport), Sunday afternoon 2-tank scuba dive (Cancun Underwater Museum), Thursday 3-tank dive, hotel (2-bd condos), RT airport xfer from Cancun airport, Crew/DM/hotel tips. This can also be structured as WS-only trip, skipping the scuba days (perfect for a non-diver who snorkels). We're limited to about 12 people on this trip but if there's enough interest, I'm open to doing back-to-back trips over the course of two weeks. If you're interested, give us a call. 


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