Raised mostly in Dover, Delaware

A Jerry Mahoney dummy got him started

First acting role - President of the Moon (6th grade)

Speech team in high school

Went to Northwestern University

Reported on the NU student strikes of 1970 (post-Kent State)

Led the NU student strikes of 1972

Turned down a meeting with Alexander Haig

Graduated with BS/Speech from Northwestern

Father was a oenophile

Fired from first radio job after 40 days & nights

Always #1-rated DJ in his time slots

Program Director of the Year - 1976

Have two gold records ("Dancing Queen" & "After the Lovin' ")

Touched the Rosetta Stone

Learned to scuba dive in 1978

Moved to L.A. in 1981

First L.A. TV job was "WKRP in Cincinnati"

Spent about 20 years with KCET as "The King of Pledge"

Dove to 3500 feet in the Alvin submarine

Hand-feeds Leopard Sharks and other fish at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Successfully challenged an FBI subpoena - 2002

Has seen four total solar eclipses, including 2017
(five if you count Shanghai in 2009 but we were clouded/rained out)

Flew in the Goodyear blimp

Has cradled the Stanley Cup

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